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The Value of a Liberal Arts Degree

The Value of a Liberal Arts Degree

February 18, 2016

Too often the liberal arts get a bad rap!

But, a report by Allie Grasgreen, Liberal Arts Grads Win Long-Term, explores the personal benefits and career advantages that can be found in pursuing a liberal arts degree.

According to the author, “Liberal arts majors may start off slower than others when it comes to the postgraduate career path, but they close much of the salary and unemployment gap over time.” 

“Employers consistently say they want to hire people who have a broad knowledge base and can work together to solve problems, debate, communicate and think critically ... all skills that liberal arts programs aggressively, and perhaps uniquely, strive to teach.” 

This is a description of how Cedarville University seeks to equip every one of its graduates ... with one important "value add!" Not only do our students learn how to think well, they learn how to live well, prepared to serve Christ wherever He leads with excellence. Every academic program at Cedarville – including our many fully accredited professional degrees – is built on the foundation of a liberal arts core and our 15-credit Bible minor

These courses together challenge, stretch, and strengthen students, laying the foundation for personal and professional success. As our mission promises, Cedarville graduates are equipped for lifelong leadership and service through an education marked by excellence and grounded in biblical truth.

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