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The Value of a Liberal Arts Education

The Value of a Liberal Arts Education

August 26, 2015

students studyingAccording to a recent Forbes article, the once-thought-useless liberal arts degree is “suddenly” becoming a thing of value. The article explains how companies have discovered that they are stronger when they have employees who can think creatively, reason intelligently, and communicate effectively — all skills gained from a liberal arts education.

Cedarville University has always taken a liberal arts approach to education. Students in all our academic programs — including engineering, business, nursing, and pharmacy — take core general education courses in subjects like humanities, social sciences, communications, and language arts. These courses cause students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers and teach them to communicate their ideas well. Add biblical integration into each course, and our students are well rounded and prepared for success.

For more information on Cedarville’s approach to the liberal arts, enjoy this article from the Summer 2014 issue of Cedarville Magazine, written by two of our professors. 

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