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"We Believe" – Cedarville Magazine Spring/Summer Issue Now Available

"We Believe" – Cedarville Magazine Spring/Summer Issue Now Available

June 2, 2016

We Believe Magazine CoverEvery college and university is governed by a set of beliefs, regardless of whether they want you to know it or not. Beliefs dictate every facet of how institutions of higher education operate, from the faculty members they hire, to the academic programs they offer, to the campus environment. At Cedarville University, we don’t hide our beliefs. We want you to clearly see what we stand for – from the first postcard you receive in the mail to every day of your student’s experience on our campus. We want everyone to know that we exist “For the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ.” This purpose defines and directs every aspect of our University.

Our recently released spring/summer issue of Cedarville Magazine examines five core beliefs that Cedarville holds, defining what they are and showing how they are lived out in the lives of our students, alumni, and faculty. You’ll read how we believe in the absolute authority of God’s Word and how it shapes everything we do, both inside and outside of the classroom. You’ll learn how our belief in the exclusivity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ spurs us to share His good news both locally and around the world. You’ll see that we believe in God’s design for man and woman in marriage and how we intentionally help our students build God-honoring relationships. You’ll see how we believe in human life as fearfully and wonderfully made and how that belief informs and transforms even the most heartbreaking circumstances. And you’ll learn how we believe in the local church and train our students to be producers – not just consumers – within their church.

Read this issue online and discover what We Believe, and be assured that your student’s Cedarville education will be guided by these very beliefs.

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