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Why We Chose Cedarville — Parents Recommend Cedarville

Why We Chose Cedarville — Parents Recommend Cedarville

April 6, 2016

Kelly familyToday’s guest authors, Scott and Melody Kelly, share why their family chose Cedarville for three of their daughters, and why they’re glad they did!

It has been our privilege as parents to help our four daughters make the decision on where they would receive their college education. Three of our four daughters selected Cedarville University. Two of our daughters are graduates (Amy in 2012 with an early childhood education degree and Ashlynn in 2014 with a social work degree) and one, Alyssa, is currently a junior social work major at Cedarville. Of all the colleges we considered, the Christ-centered education at Cedarville University offered the best match to the principles taught and maintained in our home.

We were impressed with Cedarville University’s unswerving commitment to a Gospel-focused education, including the Bible minor for all students as part of their degree program. We are proud that our daughters have been able to use the instruction they received at Cedarville to impact others for Christ both locally and internationally.

The choice of a college is an important decision in the life of your student. The learning environment at Cedarville University will prepare your student for an active career and provide the tools they need to succeed in today’s changing world. The faculty and staff at Cedarville University have made a personal investment in the lives of our daughters — academically, spiritually, and professionally.

With the quality education that our daughters have experienced, we highly recommend Cedarville University as an excellent choice where your student can expand his or her biblical worldview, receive a top-notch education, and be equipped to make a difference in the kingdom of God.

P.S.  If your student has been accepted to Cedarville, be sure to make your reservation deposit soon to guarantee his or her place in the incoming fall 2016 class. Your student can experience the same life-changing, Christ-centered education as Scott and Melody's daughters.