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Cedarville Missions Trip Testimony: Crying Out to the Same God

Cedarville Missions Trip Testimony: Crying Out to the Same God

June 6, 2017

Guatemala missions trip

At Cedarville, we encourage every student to take part in at least one global outreach experience, whether internationally or domestically. Our students are able to share the life-giving news of Jesus Christ, but more often than not, come home changed themselves. Read freshman Taylor Bond’s story below, and be encouraged by the opportunities your student will have at Cedarville.

This past spring break, I had the incredible opportunity to visit Guatemala with a team from Cedarville. I had never been out of the country, let alone on a missions trip. I was excited to see God work in a different culture.

On our first day, we went to a school for kids sponsored by Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel International (AMG). The kids were a little timid at first, but also curious. We bent down closer to them, opened our arms, and immediately they flooded us with hugs and smiles. My heart was so full. We also visited where the kids lived, right behind the school. Their “houses” were made of scrap metal, and they used blankets for window curtains. It was a shocking and horrifying thing to see.

The kids at AMG’s Camp Canaan were happy to see us. When we first met them, they were playing in the dining hall. They thought it was fun for us to grab their feet and pull them around on the slippery floor.

On Tuesday night, the girls at camp listened to a devotion from Orfa, the director. We sat in the back of the dining hall where the devotion was being translated. I sat next to a girl who I hadn’t met, and we chatted. I only speak a little Spanish, just enough for a conversation with a 10-year-old. She was trying to explain what Orfa was saying.

We wrapped up with prayer. During the prayer, I could tell Orfa was talking about their hearts, asking if they were right with God. I heard some sniffles and looked up. I assumed someone just had a runny nose, so I continued praying. Not more than a minute later, the sniffles became louder. I looked up; every girl was on her knees, some on their faces, crying out to God. Thirty 10-year-old girls so open and unashamed. Our team went to each one and prayed over her. God made His presence so clear in that moment.

I made it back to the little girl I was sitting with originally. She turned, looked at me with tears running down her face, and hugged me. She was sobbing, crying out to the Lord. I didn’t know what kind of a life she would go back to, but I knew — in that moment — God had her heart. We continued to hug for five minutes, crying and praying. That was the most pivotal moment for me. Two completely different cultures came together, crying out to the same God.

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