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Creation Conference at Cedarville University

Creation Conference at Cedarville University

September 7, 2016

Creation ConferenceIn partnership with Answers in Genesis, Cedarville University will host a Creation Conference called “In the Beginning: Creation and Your Biblical Worldview” on September 15–16. The  FREE conference will take place in the Dixon Ministry Center on Cedarville’s campus. View the conference website for a list of speakers and their topics.

For those who don't live near Cedarville, you can join the 10 a.m. sessions through our live chapel streaming – or later in the archive – from anywhere. During Thursday's chapel, you’ll hear Ken Ham, President of Answers in Genesis, speak on why a six-day literal Creation is important, and on Friday, you’ll hear Dr. John Whitmore, Cedarville Professor of Geology speak on evidence that supports a young earth from his research in the Grand Canyon.

Cedarville is one of few universities – Christian or not – that teaches a literal six-day Creation. This is exactly the kind of Christ-centered, biblical education your student will receive from Cedarville University.

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