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How Are Admission Decisions Made?

How Are Admission Decisions Made?

November 9, 2016

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At Cedarville University, when our admissions team reviews an application for admission, they are looking for students who are prepared to graduate and have the best chance of developing the traits exemplified by the University portrait statements. This means that we are looking for students who profess faith in Jesus Christ and are growing in their walk. We also seek to understand students' academic preparation and their motivation to thrive. 

There are two types of Christian college environments — discipleship and evangelistic. One of the key differences between these educational environments is the priority a college places on a student’s personal faith. Evangelistic schools admit students from any religious background while discipleship schools are looking for students that have a personal relationship with Christ and want to continue to grow in their faith while being prepared professionally and academically. We believe the discipleship environment at Cedarville is key to the authentic campus life our students experience.

Academic criteria are helpful indicators of success at Cedarville, but we also understand that past performance tells only a part of an applicant's unique story. Students are much more than a GPA and standardized test scores. These academic documents cannot measure spiritual growth and personal maturity, both of which also signal excellent potential for thriving at Cedarville. Therefore, we are committed to carefully reviewing every application, considering personal statements and strong recommendations, even when the standard academic criteria are not met.

So, as a parent of a potential college student, begin with the end in mind. Assess the abilities God has instilled in your child and then begin to look for the post-high school experience that can best shape and sharpen those gifts. Have a vision for how God can use your child to impact this world for Christ. At Cedarville, we have designed the entire educational experience to discover and reinforce the calling God has given your student.

P.S. Has your student applied for fall 2017! We would be happy to discuss our admissions criteria with you in greater detail, if you have questions.

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