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Mom Shares Family's Cedarville Story

Mom Shares Family's Cedarville Story

May 8, 2017

In today’s post, Cedarville mom Rachel Ratliff wrote a letter sharing how God uniquely led each of her three children to choose Cedarville, and why she’s thankful He did.

Ratliff family My husband, David, and I attended Cedarville in the early 1990s, and we look back at our experience with thankfulness and fond memories. We are thrilled that two of our children, Joshua and Jacob, are currently at Cedarville now, with our youngest, Kari, hoping to join her brothers in fall 2018. As parents, there is no place we’d rather see our children than Cedarville. We are confident they are receiving an academically excellent education, but with the added benefit of biblical integration that challenges and strengthens their faith. We are thankful for the unique way that God has led each of our children as they made their college choice.

Our oldest, Joshua, is our adventurer, our free spirit. He wanted to go someplace warm, so Liberty and Charleston Southern were his top choices originally. He visited those schools and loved them, but decided to visit Cedarville since it was only 45 minutes away from where we lived at the time, just to mark it off his list. But while he was on campus, the Lord spoke to him in a mighty way, and he knew that Cedarville was where God wanted him. He is now flourishing in his second year at Cedarville and plans to pursue a Ph.D. and become a college professor and help influence the next generation. He has spent many, many hours with his adviser, Dr. Josh Kira, and we love the way he is challenging Joshua to think for himself, to dig deep, and really discover truth for himself.

Jacob wanted to live at home and attend college locally to avoid debt. He has aspirations to be in the FBI like his uncle. During his senior year of high school, he took college classes at the local community college and missed being taught from a biblical perspective (he had been homeschooled until his senior year). In February of that year, he visited Joshua during Li’l Sibs Weekend and knew that Cedarville was where he wanted to be. He has had a great transition and absolutely loves it at Cedarville! One of his professors randomly reached out to me via Facebook last fall. She wanted to let me know that Jacob had done something that stood out to her in a positive way, as well as tell us that she was praying for Jacob every day. What a blessing! Where else but Cedarville would that happen?!

Kari has said for the last couple of years that Cedarville wasn't even in the running, mainly so she could be different than her parents and brothers. Dave and I were planning to come to Cedarville this past February 25 to watch Joshua play in the Student Government Association Undistracted worship night (he's the drummer) while Kari was in a basketball tournament back home. The tournament was canceled, so Kari came with us. It was the perfect day for her to visit campus because chapel that morning featured students running for SGA president, vice-president, and chaplain. She was able to hear the heart of the students that want to lead Cedarville next year. She was also able to hang out with her brothers in the afternoon and then attend the worship night that evening with more than 500 students. It was such an amazing sight, on a random Friday night, to see so many students, by choice, attend an event with the sole purpose of worshiping the Lord. It really showed Kari what Cedarville is all about and where the focus is. By the time we came home the next day, she was all in!

It has been such a blessing to watch our boys flourish at Cedarville University. The intentionality of discipleship is apparent in their lives. They enjoy talking about their classes and what they're learning. They're being challenged in their walk with the Lord, and we can see the fruits of that. We so appreciate the firm foundation that Cedarville stands on, not compromising on the truth of Scripture.

If your student is still considering Cedarville for this fall but has not yet applied or submitted a reservation deposit, please contact Admissions at 1-800-233-2784 as soon as possible to discuss opportunities. We will do all we can to help your student begin a life-transforming journey at Cedarville University!

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