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Understanding Your Student's Financial Aid Award

Understanding Your Student's Financial Aid Award

January 20, 2017

Financial Aid 101Cedarville University plans to begin sending financial aid awards through our electronic notification system (eAwards) on Monday. We will also mail a customized financial aid prospectus to the parents of accepted students. Here is additional information for those of you who are awaiting this important piece of information ... or anticipating this process next year!

How will you be notified when your student's Financial Aid Award is available?

You will be notified in two ways:

  1. We  will mail a personalized financial aid prospectus to your home address.
  2. Your student will receive an email letting them know that their Financial Aid eAward has been prepared and is ready to review. Please sit down with your student and review this information together. After May 1, your student can grant you access to review financial information, and you'll have your own account to use from that point forward.

What if my student's financial aid changes?

After the initial award notification, any updates to your student's financial aid will be sent via email with a link to the eAward system.

If you receive this Parent Prep email, will your student definitely be receiving a financial aid award from Cedarville?

We are pleased to provide these ParentPrep resources to all subscribing parents, regardless of whether or not your student plans to attend Cedarville. However, only students who have already applied and been accepted to Cedarville University will receive a financial aid award. For students still in the application process, awards will be sent as soon as the admissions process is complete.

What information is provided in the eAward?

When accessing your student's eAward, you can:
  • VIEW the current financial aid package, which details the grants, scholarships, and loans that have been awarded
  • ACCEPT or REJECT student loan options
  • INFORM us about outside grants or scholarships not listed
  • SHARE comments or ASK questions


Don't hesitate to contact our office at 1-800-233-2784. Your student's admissions counselor will also be calling to review your financial aid package and address any remaining concerns or questions.

P.S. If you haven’t yet completed your FAFSA, be sure to do it soon! This is the best way we can award you the most financial aid possible. Need help completing it? We’ve compiled helpful information to assist you in getting started.

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