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4 Reasons Why Teaching Creation at a Christian College Is Important

January 5, 2021

Creation: In the BeginningWhen it comes to their science departments, most Christian universities and colleges either ignore the issue of creation and Genesis altogether, or they promote theistic evolution or some other harmonization of Genesis. There are only a handful of schools that believe that Genesis is historically accurate and forms a foundation for science, the Bible, and Christian education. In today's post, Dr. John Whitmore, Professor of Geology at Cedarville University, shares four reasons why Cedarville holds true to a biblical, literal six-day Creation, and why we always will.

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Cedarville's Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's Options Make Education More Affordable

December 3, 2020

Four students in cap and gown at commencementCedarville is always looking for ways to help make our distinctly Christian education affordable and accessible for more families. Last week we mentioned three-year completion options that can help your student complete college sooner, saving time and money. A few years ago, we took this idea to another level: accelerated graduate pathways.

Students have three options to complete a bachelor's and master's degree in less time at a lower cost:

Pathway to an M.B.A. – Students can complete a bachelor's degree in select majors along with an online Master of Business Administration in just five or six years, and even four years if they choose the three-year B.A. completion plan.

Pathway to an M.Div. – Students can also add ministry training to their vocation with an M.Div. by simply adding the Pre-M.Div. minor to their undergraduate program. Then, they are ready to enter the two-year Advanced M.Div. upon completing their undergraduate degree.

Pathway to an Online Ministry Degree – Students can add one of our one-year online ministry graduate degrees to any program by choosing two graduate courses from their desired program to take during their senior year as part of their regular block rate — NO added tuition! Then, they'll have just 30 hours remaining to complete their graduate degree. They can choose from:

Since most of our graduate courses are online, your student can begin his or her career while finishing the graduate program (the M.Div. is the only residential program). This option saves time and money by completing graduate prerequisites and core or elective courses as part of the undergraduate curriculum, then completing the graduate degree in the next one or two years. By combining a B.A. or B.S. with a graduate degree, your student will be more marketable immediately.

It's one more way Cedarville is doing all we can to make a distinctly Christian education affordable and accessible for families.

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Did You Know Cedarville Offers 3-Year Degree Completion Options?

November 24, 2020

Cedarville is always looking for ways to help make our distinctly Christian education more affordable and accessible for families. One way we do that is by offering three-year completion plans for many of our popular undergraduate degrees.

What a great way for students to fast-track their college experience and save money on overall education expenses. You could reduce your college bill by $15,000 or more. And, your student would enter the workforce and begin earning a salary one year sooner, making the value of a three-year degree $50,000 or more!

Read today's post to learn more about three-year completion plans available to your student at Cedarville.

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Cedarville Is Homeschool-Friendly

November 17, 2020

If you’re a homeschooling parent, you probably have specific concerns when considering where to send your son or daughter to college. Our president, Dr. Thomas White, understands. He's a homeschooling dad.

Dr. White recorded a video in which he highlights what makes Cedarville University homeschool-friendly. Watch the video in today's post and you’ll discover how at Cedarville, your student will join many other homeschool students on a vibrant Christian campus. He or she will be challenged with rigorous academics and encouraged through daily chapel, Bible minor courses, and intentional discipleship to grow deeper in their faith.

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