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Why Are College Students Leaving the Church?

December 7, 2017

Why are college students walking away from church? Why do so many of our brightest young people never return to the church or come back with battle scars after their college experience?

As a parent of a high school student, you may have these questions on your mind. Helping college students stay true to their faith is also on the heart of Thomas White, President of Cedarville University. In today's post, you'll find an insightful video where Dr. White speaks directly to parents about what Cedarville is doing to counteract this concerning trend.

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Learn More About Our New Civil Engineering Program

December 5, 2017

civil engineeringCedarville University recently announced a new civil engineering major as part of its highly regarded School of Engineering and Computer Science. Civil engineering joins Cedarville's other ABET-accredited professional degrees in electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering as well as computer science.

Recently we sat down with Dr. Bob Chasnov, Dean, to talk about this exciting new program. Watch the video below as he explains more about the mission and strategy driving civil engineering at Cedarville.

Do you know a student who is interested in civil engineering? Encourage them to look at Cedarville! There is still time to apply and be part of the inaugural class for fall 2018.

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4 Reasons Why Teaching Creation at a Christian College Is Important

November 21, 2017

Creation: In the BeginningWhen it comes to their science departments, most Christian universities and colleges either ignore the issue of creation and Genesis altogether, or they promote theistic evolution or some other harmonization of Genesis. There are only a handful of schools that believe that Genesis is historically accurate and forms a foundation for science, the Bible, and Christian education. In today's post, Dr. John Whitmore, Professor of Geology at Cedarville University, shares four reasons why Cedarville holds true to a biblical, literal six-day Creation, and why we always will.

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Have You Considered a Graduate Degree?

November 14, 2017

Man working at laptopAre you considering a graduate degree? While your student is looking at Cedarville University, we'd love to have YOU consider Cedarville, too.

Our graduate programs offer convenience for busy professionals, affordable costs, and a biblical perspective built upon academic excellence. Most programs are available fully online!

Cedarville has expanded the number of degrees offered, which means you now have online access to an M.B.A., M.S.N., and M.Min., and as an added bonus, your first course of the M.Min. is free! We also offer a residential M.Div. as well as the Doctor of Pharmacy program here on campus.

Just like our undergraduate programs, we approach these graduate programs with a focus on equipping you to use your chosen vocation as a platform for ministry. Not only will our graduate programs further your career, but each one will equip you to live out your biblical worldview in the workplace.

Apply today — there's no application fee! You'll join other Christian professionals and experience the Cedarville difference — education that equips Christian leaders for career success and Gospel impact

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