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Now Offering 3-Year Degrees!

February 15, 2017

Announcing 3-year Programs

Cedarville is always looking for ways to help make our distinctly Christian education affordable and accessible for more families. Beginning fall 2017, Cedarville will begin offering three-year undergraduate degree options. What a great way for your student to fast-track their college experience and save money on your overall education expenses. You could reduce your college bill by $15,000 or more. And, your student would enter the workforce and begin earning a salary one year sooner, making the value of a three-year degree $50,000 or more!

Students can choose from 12 popular programs:

  • Biology 
  • Communication (three tracks)
  • English
  • Finance 
  • History
  • Management (two tracks)
  • Marketing 
  • Music
  • Nursing
  • Psychology (four tracks)
  • Social Work
  • Youth Ministries
  • And more are on the way!

Visit the three-year programs website for more information and explore the possibility of a three-year degree program for your student.

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The Value of a Liberal Arts Degree

February 10, 2017

Girls at graduationToo often the liberal arts get a bad rap! But, in today's post, you'll read about a report from Inside Higher Ed, Liberal Arts Grads Win Long-Term, that explores the personal benefits and career advantages that can be found in pursuing a liberal arts degree. According to the author, employers want to hire people who have a broad knowledge base, solve problems, and think critically ... all skills that liberal arts programs teach.

That's exactly how Cedarville prepares its graduates, with one important "value add!" Not only do our students learn how to think well, they learn how to live well, prepared to serve Christ with excellence, wherever He leads them. 

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What Happens When Christian Kids Go to Secular Colleges?

January 23, 2017

Student carrying boxYour student is in the middle of making one of the most important decisions of his or her life – where to attend college. You may be weighing many issues: cost, location, academic programs. But perhaps the greatest factor you need to consider is this: How will this institution affect my student’s spiritual walk? 

Dr. Steve Henderson, founder and president of Christian Consulting for Colleges and Ministries, has done extensive research on what happens to Christian students when they attend secular universities. In an article published on the online Christian College Guide website, Henderson cautions parents about what students will face in a secular university classroom and presents his research findings about the impact on students' faith. Having faced this issue in his own family, he encourages parents to consider the true cost of having a student attend a secular school, and not just the price.

With daily chapel, a required Bible minor built into every academic program, biblical integration in all courses, and intentional discipleship opportunities, your student’s faith will be strengthened at Cedarville. We are committed to equipping students to use their vocation to impact the world for Christ, wherever He leads.

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How the Graduation Rate of a College Can Save You Money

January 9, 2017

Grad cap with money

We all know students who started their four-year college journey… six years ago. Whether they are struggling to pass classes, basking in the learning experience, or simply switching their major too many times, their college education can quickly acquire an even larger price tag when eight semesters turn into 12.

One of the best ways a university can save you money is to help your student graduate on time. Consider the additional costs if students take five or more years to finish. Consider the cost if they never complete their educational goals!

At Cedarville, we make it a priority to help students graduate on time, saving them money but more importantly, allowing them to begin using their career to make an impact for Christ sooner. 

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