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Archive for the Spiritual Growth Category

Living the Dorm Life

February 5, 2014

Choosing a major, figuring out a financial plan, and researching the spiritual climate are all vital steps in choosing a Christian college. However, there is another vital piece that your student must consider – dorm life!

In addition to fostering lifelong friendships and unforgettable college memories, the residence halls at Cedarville University are where a community of Christian peers does life together, growing in relationships with one another and with Christ ... 24/7. 

Today's Parent Prep post takes on the topic of "dorm life." Read on ...

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Raising Kids to Be Sexually Pure in College

January 31, 2014

Please join us Monday, February 10 at 8 p.m. EST for Cedarville University's FREE parent webinar - Raising Kids to Be Sexually Pure in College - featuring Dannah Gresh of Pure Freedom Ministries!

For parents who want to raise their children to honor the biblical plan for sexuality, the statistics are alarming. Throw college into the mix and you have an even greater cause for concern. So, what can a Christian parent do to equip their college-bound high school student to live a sexually pure life away from the safeguards of home? 

Dannah Gresh, a Christian sexuality expert and Cedarville alumna who has been featured on Fox News and on, will provide parents with five critical tools to ensure that their son or daughter is able to live out the values they've been taught at home while in college. 

Read more about the alarming statistics and how you can register for this FREE webinar!

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Growing Spiritually in College

January 6, 2014

The college years are a pivotal time for Christian young people. While far too many choose to abandon their faith during these critical years, others become strengthened in their walk with God.

What makes the difference? What are the keys to spiritual growth as a college student?

In today's post, guest writer, Mark Irving, Director of Discipleship Ministries, highlights four foundational elements of spiritual growth during the college years.

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Get Real about a Casual Sex Culture

December 30, 2013

Dialogue on SexualityRemember when “sex” was a word you were embarrassed to say out loud?  Well, what was once private has gone aggressively in-your-face public.

When the Church believes it is powerless against this Goliath, it is. When we shy away from dialogue because this topic makes us uncomfortable, we yield the floor to a message that exults in its shamelessness. In Christ, we have a compellingly restorative message of healing, hope, and humanity. Unless the Church speaks up, we reinforce to our children, teens, singles, and families what they’re hearing everywhere else:

“It’s just sex. It’s no big deal.”

Tune in to Cedarville University's Dialogue on Sexuality, as you listen to six audio-recorded sessions filled with wisdom from Cedarville faculty and Focus on the Family staff. They will challenge you to critically think about sexuality in today's culture from a Biblical perspective, in order to equip both you and your student to navigate through the sexuality jungle of our modern day society.

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