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Liberal Arts in the Christian Context

February 17, 2017

Last week, our campus community was blessed to hear from Thomas Mach, Professor of History and Associate Vice President for Academics, as he spoke in chapel on “Liberal Arts in the Christian Context.” Dr. Mach identified four key attributes that are common in liberal education today, but using Genesis as his backdrop, he addressed each of these attributes from a biblical context. He then went on to share what makes Cedarville’s approach to the liberal arts truly unique. At Cedarville, we recognize God’s Word as the source of ultimate Truth and the only way to find true freedom.

View today's post to listen and be encouraged about the distinctly Christian education that your student will receive at Cedarville University.

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The Value of a Liberal Arts Degree

February 10, 2017

Girls at graduationToo often the liberal arts get a bad rap! But, in today's post, you'll read about a report from Inside Higher Ed, Liberal Arts Grads Win Long-Term, that explores the personal benefits and career advantages that can be found in pursuing a liberal arts degree. According to the author, employers want to hire people who have a broad knowledge base, solve problems, and think critically ... all skills that liberal arts programs teach.

That's exactly how Cedarville prepares its graduates, with one important "value add!" Not only do our students learn how to think well, they learn how to live well, prepared to serve Christ with excellence, wherever He leads them. 

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Living the Dorm Life — 5 Questions to Consider

February 8, 2017

Girls in dorm sitting with books open

Choosing a major, figuring out a financial plan, and researching the spiritual climate are all important steps in choosing a Christian college. However, there is another vital piece that your student must consider — dorm life! As you and your student are looking at different colleges, you’ll quickly discover that not all dorm life is created equal.

In today's post, you'll find 5 important questions about dorm life that you should be asking at each college you visit. And, you'll learn how at Cedarville, Residence Life is an essential part of our students' college experience, helping them learn and grow to live out the Gospel in their everyday life. 

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Christian Education in the 21st Century

February 1, 2017

Murray Murdoch in chapel

Last week, Cedarville celebrated its 130th Charter Day. Students, faculty, and staff were blessed to hear from Dr. Murray Murdoch, Senior Professor of History, as he spoke in the annual Charter Day chapel.

Murdoch discussed the challenges facing higher education and, drawing from his 50-plus years at Cedarville, explained why he believes true education can only happen in Christian education. As he shared, the only hope for the problems in our world is the message found in the Gospel. For 130 years, Cedarville has boldly upheld the Word of God with vigor and without apology, and we will always continue to do so.

View today's post to watch Dr. Murdoch’s Charter Day presentation and be encouraged about the bold, distinctly Christian education your student will experience at Cedarville University. 

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