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Cedarville's Pharmacy Program Receives Full Accreditation

September 23, 2016

Photo of pharmacist at computerThis summer, Cedarville University celebrated the full accreditation of the School of Pharmacy by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). ACPE completed a multiyear assessment that culminated with the graduation of the inaugural 2016 Doctor of Pharmacy class in May. The School, under the excellent leadership of its dean, Dr. Marc Sweeney, enjoyed a seamless accreditation process, achieving each benchmark and receiving strong, positive reports at every phase.

Cedarville's School of Pharmacy is marked by exceptional quality and a heart for the Gospel. A strong, interdisciplinary approach and the intentional Christian mission set the program apart, as does the School’s impressive network of partner institutions and companies that provide training for students across the U.S. 

Read a recent press release for the complete story. 

Our pharmacy program is just one example of how Cedarville is preparing students to use their vocation to reach the world for Christ. 

Admission to the School of Pharmacy

Undergraduate: Upon a successful interview with the faculty, freshmen students can enter Cedarville's three-year prepharmacy program and receive a guarantee of direct admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy program when they complete all undergraduate requirements. 

Graduate: College graduates desiring a Pharm.D. degree must complete the PCAT and apply for admission through the PharmCAS application system.

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Creation Conference at Cedarville University

September 7, 2016

Creation ConferenceIn partnership with Answers in Genesis, Cedarville University will host a Creation Conference called “In the Beginning: Creation and Your Biblical Worldview” on September 15–16. The  FREE conference will take place in the Dixon Ministry Center on Cedarville’s campus. View the conference website for a list of speakers and their topics.

For those who don't live near Cedarville, you can join the 10 a.m. sessions through our live chapel streaming – or later in the archive – from anywhere. During Thursday's chapel, you’ll hear Ken Ham, President of Answers in Genesis, speak on why a six-day literal Creation is important, and on Friday, you’ll hear Dr. John Whitmore, Cedarville Professor of Geology speak on evidence that supports a young earth from his research in the Grand Canyon.

Cedarville is one of few universities – Christian or not – that teaches a literal six-day Creation. This is exactly the kind of Christ-centered, biblical education your student will receive from Cedarville University.

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A Testimony of a Life Transformed

August 31, 2016

English family

At Cedarville University, we talk about the approximately 1,000 days students spend on our campus. But for us, it’s much more than just a slogan: It’s 1,000 days of intentionally shaping students to honor God with their lives — in their vocations, in their families, and in their communities.

For one recent graduate, his 1,000 days led him all the way to Washington, D.C., where he is prepared to serve and make a difference in the lives of the people around him.

Following a successful internship with the office of a Congressman from Virginia, 2016 graduate Grant English recently accepted a full-time staff position with Ohio’s eighth district in the U.S. House of Representatives. When asked why he wanted to work in Washington, D.C., Grant responded with, “Where else can I make a bigger difference in our society than starting with our government?” Cedarville instilled in him a desire to make a profound impact on his world and equipped him to be a servant-leader to the glory of God.

His parents, Evan and Layne English, Cedarville graduates themselves, are grateful for the education their son received and are excited for Grant’s future. “His last four years at Cedarville truly refined him into the man he is today,” explained Evan. “We feel incredibly blessed that God has provided this opportunity for him.”

As you work through the college decision with your student, consider the life-transforming education at Cedarville University!

More than 1,000 students have already applied for Fall 2017! Encourage your student to apply by November 1, and we will waive the $30 application fee.

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New Year Off to a Great Start!

August 29, 2016

Getting Started 2016The 2016–17 academic year is off to a great start! Nearly 900 freshmen and transfer students participated in Getting Started Weekend August 19–21, kicking off the academic year and their Cedarville experience.

As with every year, Cedarville started the semester with the Fall Bible Conference. This year we welcomed Greg Gilbert, senior pastor of Third Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky, as the conference speaker. Gilbert spoke to students about how they can be prepared to defend their faith and challenged them to share the Gospel with a fallen world. God is already working in the lives of this year's students. What a great way to start the year! (To watch any of the conference sessions, visit our chapel archive.)

Giving students the opportunity to sit under the teaching of nationally recognized Bible speakers, as well as challenging them with highly regarded academic programs, sets Cedarville University apart! As you guide your student through the college search process, discuss the importance of higher education with a biblical worldview and how it can impact them. Visit us to see the difference a rigorous academic program delivered in an authentic Christian community can make!

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