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Students Encouraged to Get Involved in a Local Church

Students Encouraged to Get Involved in a Local Church

March 24, 2020

ChurchCedarville University is privileged to care for the spiritual growth of some of the best university-aged students on our planet. We take this charge very seriously.

One of the elements in the spiritual growth dynamic here at Cedarville is seeing to it, as best we are able, that each student connects with a local church. The years of their academic training could leave them separated from any type of effective fellowship with the body of Christ, except for what takes place within the boundaries of our campus. Chapel is exciting and distinctive to a Cedarville education, but it does not take the place of the local church.

We are blessed to have many great churches in the greater Miami Valley region. Here are some of our students' favorites:

We are blessed with many more churches as well. We will continue to impress the importance of the local church upon our students, with the goal of seeing them grow spiritually while they attend Cedarville and then watching them naturally step right into a solid local church wherever they land in the years ahead. To God be the glory!

P.S. Cedarville University announced on Friday, March 20, that we will continue with online delivery through the end of the spring term. We encourage you to track with Cedarville's COVID-19 related updates. Not only will you be able to access resources and information, but also we think you will gain additional perspective about the heart of this place and the outstanding, Spirit-empowered leadership of our president, Thomas White.

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