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Your High School Student Can Get a Head Start on College

Your High School Student Can Get a Head Start on College

January 15, 2018

College Now LogoDoes your student want to get a head start on earning college credit? Are you looking for ways to save money on the cost of college? Would your student benefit from getting a taste of what college life is like now? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, encourage your student to consider taking online or on-campus courses through Cedarville University's College Now program. 

The evidence is mounting that high school students who take a college course are more likely to attend college, and at Cedarville, we've also seen high school students outperform their college student peers. They study with top professors, earn college credit, and get a taste of university academics ... before they ever step foot on campus as a freshman student! 

As part of Cedarville's College Now, students will:

  • Get a head start on college, potentially saving both time and money in completing their degree. 
  • Satisfy high school academic requirements at the same time (ask your student’s high school guidance counselor for details). 
  • Study with top Cedarville professors who will challenge them to think deeply and apply biblical principles to what they are learning. 
  • Gain confidence that they’ll excel at college-level academics. 

Consider having your student enroll in online courses for summer (classes begin May 30) or fall (classes begin August 23). Local students may also choose to attend courses on campus. Your student can choose from our most popular general education courses and experience innovative technologies that are shaping the future of education. And, through the state's College Credit Plus program, Ohio students are able to enroll in Cedarville's College Now courses for FREE — including books!

Visit the College Now website for more information!

P.S. Our campus-based, two-week Summer Studies program is another great option. Your student will earn college credit while having an unforgettable summer experience!

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