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Yellow Jackets Sports Camps

Yellow Jacket Sports Camps include a solid program of instruction in the fundamentals of the respective sports. Individual attention and daily competition allow each camper to develop his/her skill. Time is set aside each day to present Christian principles and their application to daily living.

Campers come from all backgrounds, those who have been involved in a sport for a number of years and those who are just getting started. Each camp is geared to handle all levels of skill and campers are grouped accordingly. All campers will be challenged, whatever their skill level.

Each camper is involved in a rigorous schedule. Competition and instruction, scheduled throughout the day and evening, are provided in group settings based on age and skill development. Guest speakers, films, and the most current instructional techniques supplement the program.

Although the schedule is busy, there is time to relax and get to know the other campers. The staff seeks to provide quality instruction while emphasizing that you can enjoy your sport as well.



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