Access H, J, S, T Drives from Off-Campus

Access H, J, S, T Drives from Off-Campus

Access H, J, S, T Drives from Off-Campus

Cedarville provides multiple network drives where you can access class materials (S: and T:), department files (J:), or store your own files (H:). You can access network drives on a University computer using My Computer or Windows Explorer.

However, if you are off-campus using a laptop or mobile device, you will need to use one of the file access methods outlined below.

Using Novell Filr (Preferred Method)


If you have previously used Novell Filr to access your network drives, feel free to access Filr directly by navigating to If you have not used Filr before, you will want to read below and navigate to the linked help pages in order to learn more about Filr and how it operates.

Novell Filr is a new and improved method for accessing your H:, J:, S:, and T: drives from mobile devices and from off-campus locations.

Filr has replaced NetStorage (browser-based) and WebDavNav (iOS devices) as the recommended way to access your Cedarville network drives from your mobile devices, or from off-campus locations for laptops.

If you want to access Filr from a smartphone or tablet, you can download a free Novell Filr app. See Filr: Download, Access, and Use on a Smartphone or Tablet Device to download and get started.

If you want to access Filr from a PC or Mac, see Filr: Access and Use on a PC or Mac (laptop or desktop).   

Using Filr with WebDav Nav App on a Mobile Device


It is critical that you set a password on your device before installing the WebDav Nav app. Without one, anyone who picks up your tablet will be able to access files on your network drives.

If you want to continue using WebDavNav on an iOS or Android device, you can still do so to access files from Filr. The only change is to replace the current URL ( with This change can be implemented using the following instructions.

Download the WebDav Navigation app:

  1. Open "App Store."
  2. Touch the search bar in the upper right-hand corner and begin typing "WebDav Navigator" > Choose it from the displayed results.
  3. Touch [FREE] next to the app listed under "iPad Apps" (it will change to a green button).
  4. Touch [Install App].
  5. Enter your Apple ID password and touch [OK].
  6. If you haven't done so already, you may be prompted to choose three security questions to "Improve Apple ID Security." If the prompt appears, touch [Continue].
  7. Create three security questions and answers and enter a recovery email address as prompted > Touch [OK].
  8. A "Download Now" window will open." Touch [OK] to download  the app.

Use the WebDav Nav app to access your network drives:

  1. Open the WebDav app.
  2. Touch the "+" sign in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Touch the far right side of the "Name" field and enter the name of the connection. We suggest you use "Cedarville" or "Network Drives."
  4. In the "Server URL" field, enter the following URL exactly:
  5. Enter your CedarNet username in the "Username" field.
  6. Enter your CedarNet password in the "Password" field.
  7. Touch [Save] (located in the upper right-hand corner).

You will be taken back to the first screen, but the connection you just created will be listed.  To view your network drives, touch the connection.

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