Adobe Acrobat: Protect a PDF with a Password

Adobe Acrobat: Protect a PDF with a Password

  1. Open the desired PDF in Adobe Acrobat. 
  2. Navigate to “File” > “Properties…”
  3. Click the “Security” tab.
  4. From the “Security Method:” drop-down menu, select “Password Security.” The Password Security – Settings window opens.
  5. Check “Require a password to open the document.”
  6. In the “Document Open Password:” field, type the desired password.
  7. Click [OK]. The Adobe Acrobat – Confirm Document Open Password dialog box appears.
  8. In the “Document Open Password:” field, retype the password.
  9. Click [OK].
  10. On the security settings message window, click [OK].
  11. Click [OK].
  12. Navigate to “File” > “Save” to apply the password protection settings. When you or someone else opens the PDF in the future, they will now have to type the password to be able to view the PDF. 

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