Adobe Connect Resources

Adobe Connect Resources

Adobe Connect Resources

Adobe Connect is Adobe’s web conferencing application. It allows users to conduct video meetings over the Internet. Users can also collaborate in other ways, including sharing and storing notes and documents and taking polls and Q-and-As. 

If you’re interested in using Adobe Connect, check out the following resources:
  • Getting Started with Adobe Connect: This quick start guide, put together by the Center for Teaching and Learning, gives a brief overview on how to log in and create a meeting, and it includes the Adobe quick start guide to participating in a meeting. (See also Printable Instructions below.)
  • Host and Participant Quick Start Guides: This Adobe Connect User Community page has two quick start guides: one for those hosting an Adobe Connect meeting and one for those participating in an Adobe Connect meeting.
  • Video Tutorials: Adobe TV provides several video tutorials on how to use Adobe Connect.
  • Complete Documentation: The official documentation from Adobe provides both a broad overview of the program’s features (for example, understanding how meetings work) and instructions for specific tasks (for example, how to share a document during a meeting).
  • @ConnectSupport: If you have a Twitter, tweet your Adobe Connect question to the Adobe Connect Support team.
  • Connect for Mobile: Adobe provides Adobe Connect for Apple, Android, and Blackberry mobile platforms so that you can participate in meetings when you are not by a computer. 
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