Adobe: Print PDF Files in Multiple-Pages-Per-Sheet Mode

Adobe: Print PDF Files in Multiple-Pages-Per-Sheet Mode

When possible, you should print PDF documents in the "Multiple pages per sheet" mode to reduce paper waste and reduce the number of prints you use from your print quota.

  1. Within your PDF document, click [File] > Select "Print."
  2. Under "Page Handling," click  the "Page Scaling" drop-down box > Select "Multiple pages per sheet."
  3. Under "Pages per sheet," select "2" (or more if you think the document will still be readable).
  4. Set the "Page Order" to either "Horizontal" or "Vertical," depending on your preference.
  5. Most PDF files have black text; however, if you are printing a colored PDF, select the "Print color as black" box on the bottom left corner of the "Print" dialogue box.
  6. Click [OK].


If your document has images, they may not print correctly if you use the "Print color as black" option. If you are using a campus printer that does not print in color, the document will print in grayscale, which may be more readable.

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