AppScan: Miscellaneous Questions

AppScan: Miscellaneous Questions

AppScan: Miscellaneous Questions

Where can I obtain more detailed information on the DataLink software program?

A PDF of the online DataLink manual is available in the AppScan Training Guides section of the J drive:\Support folder and is available to all faculty and staff.

Use the bookmarks within Adobe Reader or Professional to move from topic to topic. Click on embedded links (indicated by a bright blue box) to navigate to other parts of the manual referred to in that section.

The DataLink license allows Cedarville University to install the DataLink software on any computer in a building that has an Apperson Advantage machine. Does that apply to faculty notebook computers as well?

An Apperson representative confirmed that the DataLink license allows the software to be installed on any University computer housed in a building that contains an AppScan machine, as well as faculty notebook computers. Please refer to a related help page that lists AppScan machine locations.

All computers in that building should have the same install code and version of the software running on the system. Please submit an online service request for assistance.

I’m receiving a “Form mismatch” error.

This error message can display for one of many reasons (the AppScan machine is expecting a key and reads a test, the key or test is on a different sized form, the key from a previous test is still in memory, etc.) To resolve this issue, clear your AppScan session and rescan the key.

For answers to additional AppScan or DataLink questions, please return to the AppScan FAQ summary page.

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