AppScan: Questions about Recalibration

AppScan: Questions about Recalibration

AppScan: Questions about Recalibration

Why are multiple scanners prompting for recalibration after only 600-800 (or less) scans? Some have even prompted for recalibration three or four times since the AppScan was installed.

The normal range of scans before needing recalibration should be between 3,000-7,500 scans. Physically moving the scanner can jostle the print sensors and cause it to go out of alignment. Please minimize the movement and leave the scanner in one spot.

To tell if the machine really needs recalibration, follow these steps:

  1. With DataLink open, choose “Scanner” > “Scanner Settings.” The bar graph will indicate if there is a need for recalibration.
  2. Do not move the Scanner settings. Keep all of them at an “Average” setting (in the middle).

Other Possible Solutions:

  1. Rotate between three calibration sheets rather than using the same one.
  2. DataLink continues to send signals to the scanner as long as the scanner is connected and the program is opened, which can disrupt the recalibration process.
  3. Before recalibration, “Clear” the DataLink session > “Close” out of DataLink > Unplug the scanner from the computer.
  4. Clean print sensors only once a year. Recalibrate after they are cleaned.

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