AppScan: Questions about Row and Column Error Messages

AppScan: Questions about Row and Column Error Messages

What do I do to resolve a “row count” error message on the AppScan machine? It appears that the scoring is off one row.

The row count error message occurs because the AppScan machine has been unable to pick up the timing marks on the key. To resolve this problem, "Clear" your AppScan session and rescan the key.

I keep getting an “Error 301:character column length exceeds 20” message after I download some Datalink software updates and try to import the newest student list and run some tests through.

Update the DataLink software on the computer to version 354.1.2.2 or higher to eliminate the 301 error message. If you are unsure how to update the DataLink software, please submit an online service request, and a technician will come by to assist you.

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