AppScan: Questions about Score or Rescore Options

AppScan: Questions about Score or Rescore Options

If you upload a rescored test to Micrograde, will it replace the previously scored test, or will it create a new column?

Micrograde will prompt you to indicate where to place the data, so you get to choose the location, whether it is to replace the scored test or create a new column.

Do either/or questions work with rescoring physical forms using AppScan?

At this time, there is not a way to edit the key in DataLink for an either/or question and then rescore the paper tests. However, once you have run the key and exams through the AppScan machine and captured the data within DataLink, you can edit the key in DataLink.

To edit the key in DataLink:

  1. In DataLink, navigate to "Session" > "Scoring." 
  2. Once your key is open, add the desired answer to the question. (If you want to add B as an answer, type in "B" next to the already existing answer. There will be no space between letters.)
  3. Under the "Multiples" column, choose "Either/Or."
  4. Click [Apply].
  5. Click [OK]. The scores are updated.

Datalink will update the student results on the DataLink screen only. You can then export the updated results to Excel or Micrograde. Apperson is actively working on this issue and hopes to have a resolution in a future software update.

What if you have already scored all your exams and produced reports but an absent student needs to take the exam, and you want to include his/her score into the analysis and reports for the entire class?

Hopefully you saved the test results from the first batch of exams.

You have two options:

  1. Run the key through again followed by the late exams. Save those results as a separate test file. Use Combine Tests within DataLink to combine the initial exam file with the late file. After this, you can export the combined file to Excel and/or Micrograde.
  2. Open DataLink and choose "File" > "Load Saved Data…" Next, download the key to the AppScan machine. Scan the absent students’ test forms (their test results will be appended to the rest of the class). Resave the exam file.

What if you want to throw out a bad question after everything has been scored? (e.g., throw out question 25 in a 50 question exam and calculate percentage correct out of 49 questions instead?

You have two options:

  1. Mark the “rescore” bubble in the keyline of the key and erase the answer for question 25 and run the tests through again.
  2. Edit the key in DataLink and uncheck the answer for question 25. The student results will update automatically on the DataLink screen. Save the file and export the corrected results to Excel or Micrograde.

When scoring, can you weight answers within a question? (e.g., A=100%, B=75%)

Unfortunately, the current version of DataLink does not provide the option to weight answers within a single question.

You may assign a different weight (value) to individual questions (e.g., question 1 is worth two points, question 2 is worth four points).

Can DataLink accept two possible correct answers for one question?


  1. In DataLink, navigate to "Session" > "Scoring." 
  2. Once your key is open, change an answer or accept several answers (if you want to add B as an answer, type in "B" next to the already existing answer).
  3. Under the "Multiples" column, choose between All, Either/Or, or Both to accept a particular answer.
  4. Click [Apply].
  5. Click [OK]. The scores are updated.
  6. Save and close. These revised answers will not automatically show up in Micrograde. You will have to import them again.

I’m receiving a “Form Mismatch” error. Help!

This error message can display for one of many reasons (the AppScan machine is expecting a key and reads a test, the key or test is on a different sized form, the key from a previous test is still in memory, etc.) To resolve this issue, clear your AppScan session and rescan the key.

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