CU: Convert Class Rosters to Google Contact Groups

CU: Convert Class Rosters to Google Contact Groups

This help page walks through the steps to import a class roster into your Google Contacts to create a Google Group for your class. This will make it much easier to contact students in your class.

Remember to update your Google group if students drop/add the class so that your group stays up-to-date.


Please use Google Chrome as your browser for each step in this process. If you use another browser (for example, Internet Explorer or Firefox), the process may not work.

Retrieve the class roster

  1. Navigate to the Faculty/Staff homepage ( > Log in to CedarInfo.
  2. Select "Get a class roster" under "Curricular Transactions."
  3. Enter the relevant term and subject information to identify your class.
  4. Click the radio button to select “Files on my H: drive” > Check the box next to “Comma-separated-values format for email contact lists.”
  5. Click [Submit].
  6. Note the file name and that your .csv file has been saved to the docs folder on your H:\ drive.

Import the roster

  1. Log in to your University email account (
  2. Click on the "Apps" icon (square made of nine small squares) in the top right corner of the interface > Click the “Contacts” tab.
  3. Click “Import Contacts…” (located in the sidebar).
  4. Click [Choose File]. Navigate to where the .csv file is saved (from the steps in the section above), and double-click it to open the file.
  5. Click [Import]. The new contact group will be named "Imported" with today’s date by default. Follow the steps below to give the group a more descriptive name.

Rename the contact group

  1. Click the group name in the sidebar to select and open it.
  2. Click the [More] drop-down (located above the list) and choose "Rename group" from the resulting list.
  3. In the "Rename group" window that opens, enter the new name and then click [OK].


It does not matter if the student's emails have ga in them. Either or will work.

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