CU: Find Students by Zip Code

CU: Find Students by Zip Code

CU: Find Students by Zip Code

A list of all students sorted by zip code is provided by Cedarville University. The list will allow you to find other students who live near you to coordinate rides home over breaks.


  1. Access the Students by Zip Code page. 
  2. Log in using your CedarNet username and password > Click [Authenticate].


While on campus, you can access student zip code information through CedarNet.

University-owned Computer

  1. Log in to a University computer with your Cedarville username and password.
  2. Click on the [Start] button.
  3. Choose "All Programs" > Select "_CedarNet."
  4. Choose "Information" > Select "Students by Zip Code (Rides)."
  5. When the page appears, press [Ctrl] + "F" and type the zipcode in the "Find:" textbox.

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