CU: H Drive Storage Guidelines

CU: H Drive Storage Guidelines

CU: H Drive Storage Guidelines

Everyone who logs into CedarNet is automatically connected to a personal storage area called the “H: Drive.” Your H: Drive is on a network server and is available through your login on any on-campus computer.  (For off-campus access, see Accessing Your Network Drives). It is private and not accessible by any other user.

H: Drive Resources

Follow these links to:

You may store files of all types on your H: drive, but its total storage space is limited. If your H: drive gets too close to being full, you could lose files or have existing files corrupted. It is important to keep track of how much H: drive space you have available at any given time.

For information on other storage options, view the CU: File Storage Recommendations help page.

Look at your H: Drive files

  1. Click the Windows Start button > Select "Computer" (in Windows 10, "File Explorer").
  2. Under “Computer” (or "This PC") you will see a list of drives.
  3. The title of your H: drive begins with your ID number [e.g., 1234567 on ‘Fir\Data\Homedirs’ (H:)].

Windows Explorer will normally show files and folders as pictures or icons which can take up a lot of space on your screen. To see a more compact representation:

  • In Windows 7, near the top-right corner of Windows Explorer, click the drop-down arrow and select "List," or to see the age and size of the file, select "Details." 
  • In Windows 10, go to “View” > “List.” To see the age and size of a file, go to “View” > “Details.” This will show the size of the file and date the file was last changed.

H: Drive/CedarNet Expiration

If you are no longer an active student of the University, whether you have graduated or simply left, and you are enrolled during the spring semester, your H: Drive and CedarNet account will be active through January 31st of the following year. Graduate Students' account and H: Drive will not expire until one year after the date of their last enrollment. For more information, see the Expiring CedarNet Accounts page.

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