CU: H Drive Storage Guidelines (Clean Out Your H: Drive)

CU: H Drive Storage Guidelines (Clean Out Your H: Drive)

There are several things to consider before cleaning out your H: drive.

  • Look closely at graphics files, PowerPoint presentations, photographs, etc. because they require significantly more storage space than text.
  • Remember you can delete any PDF files and save the item in their original form (i.e., Word, etc.) because the PDF can always be recreated later.
  • To learn when to save files to different drives, see CU: File Storage Recommendations.

Keeping Files

If you want to save a file you are removing from your H: drive, the best suggestion is to burn it to a CD. Once files are copied to a CD, verify that these files can be read back from the CD before deleting the originals.

See the File Deletion help page for more information.

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