CU: H Drive Storage Guidelines (File Deletion)

CU: H Drive Storage Guidelines (File Deletion)

CU: H Drive Storage Guidelines (File Deletion)

Below are guidelines for how to handle different default folders in your H: drive. Be sure to read these guidelines before deleting any folders.


Files deleted from a network drive (like the H: drive) are not put into your “Recycle Bin” but are removed from your computer completely. Be careful what you delete! H: Drive Folders that should not be deleted:

  • H:\ALDUS
  • H:\docs
  • H:\html
  • H:\NET
  • H:\Temp

Always check the contents before deleting any folders. Folders at the “root” level of the H: drive (other than those listed above) were either created by you or by a program you have used. If you know that you created the folder, feel free to delete it and its contents.

H:\docs folder

The documents folder often contains the largest amount of files on your H: Drive, making it prime ground for deleting. 

Within the docs folder, you should not delete the folders named: Adobe, Corel User Files, Libronix DLS. These folders contain settings for programs you have used. Do not delete any folders with a program name as part of its name. Examples include “Final Draft Backup,” “Maya,” “SigmaPlot,” etc.

If a folder begins with your name (e.g., Jon A. Smith’s Music) or with the word “My” (e.g., My Data Sources, My eBooks, etc), do not remove it. A better option is to look at the folder contents and remove any unnecessary files.

If you have a folder named H:\docs\filelib, look in it and its subfolders. These folders may contain downloads from using instant messaging software that are deletable.

H:\NET folder

In general, no files should be deleted from this folder, but there is one important exception:

Navigate to H:\NET\CFG\Desktop. If you have ever dragged a file to your Windows desktop, you will find those shortcuts here taking up H: drive space. Many people are not aware of this, thinking instead that their Windows desktop is stored on the C: Drive rather than the H: Drive. Look through this list of shortcuts for expendable files.

Other files and folders in H:\NET contain various settings and information that should not be removed without expert advice.

H:\TEMP folder

Within the TEMP folder, do not remove the file named MSGNOTIC.RTF. Other files in this folder are probably yours and may be deleted at your discretion.

Still having problems?

If you have tried these steps and are still out of space, submit an information technology request (ITR) for “My Account” and explain the steps you have taken.

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