CU: Install a Personal Printer

CU: Install a Personal Printer

Students are allowed to bring personal printers, copiers, or scanners to use in the residence hall. Personal printers do not count towards a student's print quota.

Because there are many different brands and models of printers, the method to install printer drivers varies. This page will explain how most printer drivers can be installed. If you have trouble with the process, call TechStop at 937-766-4156.

Printer Drivers

You will need to locate the driver software specific to your printer. You will find this either on the CD or DVD that came with your printer or from the company website. Use the CD or DVD if you have it, or search the company website to find the driver for your make and model. The websites for several common brands are listed:

Plug and Play

Your printer may be set to plug and play, which means that once you connect your printer, the computer will find the device automatically, prompt for drivers, and install.

Wireless Printers


You must have your laptop connected to the "cu-secure" network to print wirelessly. If you are connected to "cu-unsecure", the printer will not be available. Click for Wireless Connection Instructions for connecting to cu-secure and follow the appropriate instructions for your device.

If you have a wireless printer, you will need to complete an extra step after installing the printer driver. You need to register your wireless printer on the network using the Manual Registration process. (To register, you will need the printer's MAC address.) Once you have your printer registered, bring both your wireless printer and laptop to the TechStop Center. You will also need the IP address you received through the manual registration process. (This will be in the email from information technology.)


If your wireless printer and your laptop are both enabled with Bluetooth, you can connect using that method without registering your printer on the CU network.

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