CU: Keyspan Presentation Remote FAQ

CU: Keyspan Presentation Remote FAQ

CU: Keyspan Presentation Remote FAQ

This page covers the most common problems experienced with the Keyspan Presentation Remote. If you are just starting, please see the Keyspan Quickstart Guide help page.

How do I turn on the laser pointer?

  1. Press the MODE button on the remote control (white button on the bottom of remote). A green light should light up inside the MODE button to indicate that you are in 'Media Mode.'
  2. Press it again to remove the green light and return to 'Mouse Mode.' The laser pointer will only work in ‘Mouse Mode.’
  3. Simultaneously press and hold BOTH the MODE (white) button and the LASER POINTER (orange/blue) button for approximately 4 seconds.
  4. Once you notice that the MODE button flashes red, let go of the buttons. The laser pointer is now enabled.
  5. Press only the LASER POINTER button to turn on the laser. To disable the laser pointer, press and hold both buttons until the MODE button flashes again.


The MODE button will flash every 3 seconds to remind you that the laser feature is enabled. This is useful when trying to conserve battery power.

What type of battery does the Presentation Remote use and how do I install it?

The Presentation Remote uses one CR2450 (Lithium 3v) battery*.

To install this battery:

  1. Remove the battery protector on the bottom of the Presentation Remote.
  2. Insert the battery with the plus side (+) facing you.
  3. Replace the battery cover.

To test the battery:

  1. Press the MODE button on the remote. A green light will light up in the MODE button. If this light does not turn on, your battery may not be installed correctly or your battery may be dead.

*If you need to purchase batteries, Information Technology, located in Tyler 122, sells batteries for $2.50. Please see Scott Crosby.

How do I change slides in PowerPoint/Keynote using the Presentation Remote?

To change slides in PowerPoint/Keynote, use the COMPOSITE SWITCH (black) on the side of the remote control. Move the COMPOSITE SWITCH up and down to move back and forth between your slides.


The COMPOSITE SWITCH will only work in MOUSE MODE.

What do I do if my Presentation Remote does not appear to control my mouse cursor?

Determine if your remote control is working. 

  1. Press the MODE button on the remote. A green light will light up inside the MODE button. This will indicate that you have a working remote control.
  2. Press the MODE button to return to MOUSE MODE.
  3. Use the round MOUSE PAD button to move your mouse cursor on your computer screen.

If the cursor does not move, try resetting your Presentation Remote's ID.

  1. Make sure the receiver is connected to a USB port.
  2. Press the MODE (white) button and Composite Switch (black) button simultaneously until the MODE button flashes green rapidly.
  3. Once the MODE button flashes green, let go of the remote.
  4. Reset the RF receiver by pressing the ID button on the receiver with a paperclip.
  5. Once you have reset the RF Receiver, press the Composite Switch in.

You should now be able to use the mouse cursor.

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