CU: Keyspan Presentation Remote QuickStart

CU: Keyspan Presentation Remote QuickStart

CU: Keyspan Presentation Remote QuickStart

For directions on the newest model of the remote, go to the Keyspan Presentation Remote Pro QuickStart help page.

Hardware Setup

  1. Connect the receiver to an available USB port.
  2. Insert button battery* into the Remote (positive '+' side up).
  3. Your presentation remote is now ready for use. Press the MODE (white) button to switch between 'Mouse' and 'Media' modes.

*If you need to purchase batteries, please submit an IT request and provide your GL charge number. Batteries sell for $2.50.

Using the Remote

The remote has two modes controlled by the white (MODE) button. The mouse mode is activated when the mode button is not showing a green light. This means that the remote control acts like a USB mouse. When the MODE button is green, the remote is in media mode.

Using the Laser Pointer


DO NOT point laser pointer into eyes or stare into laser beam!

  1. Hold down the orange/blue (laser pointer) button and the white (MODE) button simultaneously until the mode button flashes red.  
  2. Activate the laser with the laser pointer button. The mode button will show a red light and will flash at times.  
  3. To stop using the laser, hold down the laser button and the mode button until the mode button flashes red.

Changing the Remote's ID/Trouble Shooting

If your remote control is not responding or if another Keyspan Presentation Remote is interfering with your remote (a classroom next to yours), try changing the remote's ID.

To change your remote's ID, the receiver must be connected to a USB port.

  1. Press the MODE (white) button and Composite Switch (black) button simultaneously until the MODE button flashes green rapidly.
  2. Using a paperclip, press the ID button on the receiver while the receiver is connected to your computer.
  3. To get the receiver to learn the new ID, press the Composite Switch (black) button.

 In the PDF provided, images are given to further explain how to change the ID.




MODE Button (white)

Green Light is OFF

Green Light is On or Blinking

Laser Pointer Button


Laser Pointer On/Off

Launch Windows Media Player

Mouse Pad

Control on-screen mouse cursor

Up = Previous Track

Down = Next Track

Left Mouse Button

(left) mouse click


Right Mouse Button

(right) mouse click



Composite Switch (black)

Up/Down: arrow up/down key

(switch slides in PowerPoint)

Up/Down: Volume up/down



Pushed In: Click and Drag

(toggles on and off)

Pushed In: Mute

(toggles on and off)


Laser pointer turns off after 10 minutes of non-use.

MEDIA Mode turns off after 5 minutes of non-use.


If you are experiencing any problems, please check out our frequently asked questions page for the Keyspan Presentation Remote.

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