CU: View and Purchase Textbooks from Online Bookstore

CU: View and Purchase Textbooks from Online Bookstore

Students can view and purchase textbooks from the online bookstore. You can access a list of the textbooks required for your courses with the following instructions.

View Textbooks

  1. Go to CedarInfo > If prompted, enter username and password > Click [Authenticate].
  2. Under "Academic (Student) Transactions," click "View your class schedule."
  3. Select the proper semester from the drop-down menu > Click [Retrieve Schedule].
  4. Under the graph listing each course, click "View All Textbooks."
  5. This brings you to the Online Bookstore with a list of all the textbooks listed for each of your courses.
  6. Print a list of your required textbooks by clicking [Print Book List] at the bottom of the page.

Purchase Textbooks

Follow the above instructions to view the textbooks listed for your courses. Once there you can order the books from the Online Bookstore.

  1. Select either Used or New copies of the textbooks you want to order > Click [Add to Cart].
  2. Once you have selected all the books you want to purchase, click [Shopping Cart] at the bottom of the page.
  3. You will see a summary of all the items in your cart. Note: Be sure to review all the information on this page as Used books are not always available, and you may be charged for a New edition.
  4. Click [Continue Checkout].
  5. You will see a screen that informs you of the possibility that the instructor may change the required textbooks for the course. From the "Order Update Action" drop-down menu, you can select what you would like the bookstore to do in this instance: "Do Not Add to Order," "Add All Materials," or "Add Only Required."
  6. If you have not ordered from the bookstore before, at this point you must register by clicking "Register Here."
  7. If you are registering, choose "Create profile for Browsing and Shopping."
  8. Follow the instructions on screen to fill out your information > Click [Register].
  9. Follow on screen instructions to confirm Billing and Shipping Address and Shipping Method.
  10. At the Order Summary, ensure that all the information for your order is correct > Click [Continue Checkout].
  11. Enter Payment Options > Click [Submit Order].
  12. You will see a screen with a confirmation of your order.

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