FileBound: Installing the Windows Viewer

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FileBound: Installing the Windows Viewer

In order to view electronic documents in FileBound, please follow these steps to install the Windows Viewer.


If you cannot login to FileBound, navigate to the FileBound access page and follow its instructions.

Installing the Viewer


If the CedarNet menu does not appear, then log out and log back in.

  1. To install FileBound, click Start > All Programs > CedarNet > Server Specific > FileBound Viewer Installation.
  2. Once FileBound has installed, it will disappear from the CedarNet menu.

Opening Files Automatically From Your Browser

  1. Go to Cedarville's FileBound page and enter your CedarNet login information.
  2. To view a document in FileBound, click on the document’s icon. This will download a “Viewer.fbv4” file to your computer. This file will use the viewer to open and display the documents.
  3. To open the “.fbv4” file after you download it, follow the instructions for your specific web browser.

    Google Chrome
    The “Viewer.fbv4” file will display at the bottom of the window when it’s done downloading. Click on the arrow icon to the right of the downloaded file and select the option, “Always open files of this type”. Then click the document icon again and the Viewer will open automatically.

    Mozilla Firefox
    You will be prompted to open the “Viewer.fbv4” file and select the application it opens with. Select the “FileBound Viewer Launcher” and check the box that says “Do this automatically for files like this from now on.”, then click “Okay”.

    Internet Explorer
    If the viewer is installed correctly, then Internet Explorer will automatically open the .fbv4 file. If not, then Internet Explorer will prompt you to Open or Save the file. Make sure the viewer is installed and then click “Open”. If the viewer is not installed, do not select an alternate application to open the file. Instead, install the Viewer and try again.

    Safari (Macintosh)
    The viewer cannot be installed on a Mac. The Web viewer will be used instead.


The “.fbv4” file can sometimes be associated with an incorrect application (Adobe PDF, Word, etc.). If this happens, you will have to re-associate the “.fbv4” file with the FileBound viewer.

  1. Click the Start menu and go to Control Panel.
  2. Click "Default Programs" and then click "Associate a file type or protocol with a program".
  3. After the list loads, scroll down to ".fbv4" and double click on it.
  4. Make sure that the "FileBound Viewer Launcher" is the application selected.
  5. Click "Okay", and then click "Close".
  6. Attempt to view the file again.

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