Filr: Access and Use on a PC or Mac (laptop or desktop)

Filr: Access and Use on a PC or Mac (laptop or desktop)

Filr: Access and Use on a PC or Mac (laptop or desktop)

If you are unfamiliar with Filr and would like to learn more about this web application, see the "Using Novell Filr" section of the Access H, J, S, T Drives from Off-Campus help page. 

Accessing Filr from a PC or a Mac

  1. Open an Internet browser and navigate to
  2. On the login screen that appears, enter your Cedarville University username and password > Click [Sign In].


If you encounter problems accessing Filr or signing in, please verify that you are connected to the Internet. On campus, Filr works best when your device is connected to cu-secure (or cu-manual for Android devices).

Using Filr on a PC or Mac

  1. Once you have logged in to Filr, you'll the see the main interface.
  2. At the top, you'll see four large tabs that help you navigate around Filr. The first of these tabs is called "My Files," and it allows you to access your H: drive. By clicking on this tab, all of your H: drive files will open below the main toolbar. 
  3. The two tabs in the middle allow you to see what files have been shared with you by others using Filr, and which files from your H: drive that you have shared on Filr. (Note: When you first sign in to Filr, these tabs will probably be empty.)
  4. The tab on the far right titled "Net Folders" allows you to access network drives that are available to you, such as the S: drive, T: drive, and J: drive
  5. To navigate through your H:, S:, T:, or J: drive, simply click on the name of a folder to show its contents. To go back up a level, click the round button with an up-arrow. 
  6. To download a file, simply click on its name. Your browser will either automatically begin downloading the file, or it will prompt you to choose a place to save it. 


Some documents, such as PDFs, may open in the browser without downloading to your computer. To save these to your computer, you can go to the "File" menu and select "Save Page As..."

  1. To upload a file, click the [Add Files...] button in the main toolbar located directly above the list of files. (If you are a student, you will only be able to do this on the "My Files" page. To access that page, click the [My Files] button at the top of the page.) Once you have clicked on [Add Files...], either drag and drop files from your computer into the blue area, or click the "Browse" button to choose files from your computer's file system. You can drag and drop multiple files or select multiple files from the "Browse" dialogue box to upload them all at once. (Note: Currently, Filr does not allow you to upload folders.)
  2. Once you drop a file or files in the blue area or choose a filr from your hard drive, Filr will automatically begin uploading.
  3. To change a file on Filr, you must first download the file, edit it on your computer, and then upload it again. During the upload process, you may be prompted for confirmation that you'd like to overwrite the original file on Filr. 
  4. To sign out of Filr, simply click on your name in the upper right-hand corner, and click the [Sign out] button. 

Problems or questions?

For more information about all the features that Filr has to offer, please visit Novell's Quick Start Guide or their Full User Guide.

If you run into any problems while using Filr, you can submit an information technology request (ITR), and Information Technology will work to resolve the issue as soon as possible. 

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