Gaming Systems and eReaders: Register

Gaming Systems and eReaders: Register

Gaming Systems and eReaders: Register

If you plan to use a gaming system wirelessly or eReader (Nook, Kindle, etc.) on Cedarville's campus, you must first register it online. Devices with ethernet ports will work wired on our network, but if you want to connect these devices to wireless, you must follow the manual registration link in the section below.


Thr original Nintendo Wii does not currently work on Cedarville's wireless networks. If you'd like to connect a Wii to the network, please use a network cable to connect it to a wall port. 

If you have a mobile device that's not an eReader or gaming system, it can probably connect to cu-secure wireless network without registration. To see a list of devices that have trouble connecting to cu-secure, see Mobile Device: Register and Use

If you have a laptop that you'd like to connect to the wireless network, see Wireless Connection to CU-Secure.

Register your device

Manual Registration

TechStop: How to find a MAC address on your Device

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