Gmail: Delay Delivery Options

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Gmail: Delay Delivery Options

Delay Delivery is a way to compose emails and schedule them to be sent at a future time. At this time, Gmail does not have the ability to delay email deliveries; however, there are a couple of options to make this function possible.


Boomerang is a third-party extension through Google Chrome. The free version of Boomerang limits you to 10 delay-send emails per month, so for users who don't plan on using the delay-send feature often, this is a prime choice. To learn more about Boomerang's features, see Boomerang: Use and Features.

To Install Boomerang:

  1. Open in a new tab.
  2. Click [Add this to your Gmail!].
  3. Click [Add Extension].
  4. Click [Install Boomerang].
  5. Your Google Mail will open, and you will be prompted to take a tour of Boomerang. Click [Start] to take the tour or [Skip].

To Delay an Email:

  1. In the upper-left corner of Google Mail, click [Compose] and complete your message as usual, including the recipient(s) in the "To" field. 
  2. Click the Boomerang [Send Later] button. The first time that you choose this option, a pop-up will appear prompting you to click [Allow] so Boomerang can access your account.
  3. Choose when you would like the message to send.
    If none of the default options apply: Click the mini-calendar icon under “At a specific time," > Click the calender icon > Select a date from the calendar > In the text box, type a specific time for that day > Click [Confirm].
  4. Once you choose a default option or click [Confirm], Boomerang will process the message.
  5. A banner will confirm that “Your message will be sent” and when.

Gmail Delay Send

If you plan to use the Gmail Delay feature more than 10 times a month but don't want to subscribe to Boomerang, installing Gmail Delay Send is a completely free and unlimited option. This method installs a label for you to apply to emails you wish to send at a future time.

To Install Gmail Delay Send:

  1. Navigate to the Gmail Delay Send Settings page. If you aren't already logged in to your Gmail account, it will prompt you to do so before you can access the page.
  2. In the resulting pop-up box, click [Allow] to give Gmail Delay Send access to your Gmail account.
  3. Under "Gmail Delay Send", select "On".
  4. Under "Advanced Setting", click [Save Preferences].
  5. In the resulting pop-up box, click [OK]. You will receive an email with more information regarding Gmail Delay Send as well as how to uninstall Boomerang in the future.


    It takes about five minutes for your account to process this request, so you will need to wait at least five minutes before continuing. 

To Use Gmail Delay Send:

  1. In the upper-left corner of Google Mail, click [Compose] and complete your message as usual, including any recipient(s) in the "To" field. 
  2. At the beginning of your email's body, enter the time you want the email to be sent using the following format: @MonthDate, hh:mmAM/PM (e.g. @November25, 2:00PM).


    If you do not format the time correctly, it will not send! Be sure to use "@", followed by the month, date, time, as well as AM/PM.

  3. In the lower-right corner of you message box, Click the "More options" arrow icon > Select "Label" > Check the box next to "GmailDelaySend/ToSend" (Do NOT check "GmailDelaySend" or "GmailDelaySend/Errors").

  4. Click the 'x' in the upper-right corner of the "New Message" box to close out of the message. Google will now send the message at time you specified in the email's body. 


Do not click Send! If you click send, the email will send immediately. You must close of out of the email for it to send later.

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