Google Calendar: Appointment Slots

Google Calendar: Appointment Slots

Google Calendar: Appointment Slots

One exciting feature of Google Calendar is appointment slots. This feature allows you to block out sections of your calendar for individuals to sign up for appointments. 

Common University uses for appointment slots are as follows: 

  • Faculty: set your available office hours in Google Calendar with a recurring appointment slot and then share the URL for the appointment page with your students. This way, students can quickly pick and reserve a time to meet with you.
  • Staff: offer a block of appointments for status updates, performance reviews, etc.
  • Students: schedule group meetings or a Google Hangout with your family. You can also let your classmates know when your classes, work shifts, meetings, or other events occur. 

Set Up an Appointment Slot

  1. Log in to your Google account > In the upper right corner, click the Google apps icon > Select "Calendar."
  2. In the upper right corner, click [Week] if not already selected.
  3. Click on the day and time you would like to create an appointment slot for. An event pop-up will appear.
  4. Click the "Appointment slots" tab. If this is the first time using the feature, click "Getting started with Appointment slots." A help page will open. Return to the calendar page to continue creating an appointment slot.
  5. In the "Appointment for..." field, enter a name for your appointment slot. 
  6. Choose whether you would like the slot to occur once or more than once for a set amount of time within the appointment slot. 
  7. Click [Edit Details] for more editing options. 
  8. In the "Where" field, enter in a location for the appointment. 
  9. Check the "Repeat..." box to set other days you would like the same appointment slot to occur. 
  10. In the "Description" field, briefly explain the appointment. 
  11. In the "Add guests" field, add the people you would like to attend the appointment who are not signing up. Guests will be invited to attend all time slots and will recieve an email when people sign up for a slot. 
  12. Click the "Rooms" tab > Select a room you wish to hold your appointment in or, in the "Search all rooms" field, enter in the name of your desired room. 

Invite People to Sign Up for an Appointment Slot

  1. Log in to your Google account > In the upper right corner, click the Google apps icon > Select "Calendar."
  2. Click on the appointment slot title you wish to invite people to. The appointment slot page will open. 
  3. At the top of the page, copy "This calendar's appointment page" URL. 
  4. Send the link to those you wish to sign up for the appointment slot by pasting the URL in an email. The appointment block will appear on their calendar. 


Those you invite as a guest or to sign up for a slot must have a Google account to access Google Calendar to see the appointment slot.

Sign up for an Appointment Slot

  1. Navigate to the appointment page another user invited you to by sending you an email or sharing their calendar. 
  2. Click "Save." The appointment slot will appear as an event on your Google calendar. 
  3. To cancel the appointment, delete or decline the appointment event from your Google calendar. 

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