Google Calendar: Import Class Schedule

Google Calendar: Import Class Schedule

Google Calendar: Import Class Schedule

Google Calendar allows you to import existing calendars available elsewhere into your Google Calendar. One such calendar is your class schedule, available through CedarInfo. Before you import your class schedule by following the instructions below, please read the following note.


Before you begin this process, you may want to create a new calendar in your Google Calendar in which to place your class schedule. This way, you will be able to choose at any point in time whether you want to view your class schedule on your main Google Calendar. To create a new calendar, please see Google Calendar: Create New Calendars.

To import your class schedule into Google Calendar

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Navigate to the Cedarville Student Homepage.
  3. Under the Quick Links menu on the right, click “CedarInfo” and log in.
  4. Under the “Academic (Student) Transactions" heading, click “Course schedule calendar download."
  5. In the drop-down menu, verify the current term (for example, “Fall Semester 2016 (Undergraduate)”).
  6. Click [Continue].
  7. Click the radio button next to the class you would like to download the schedule for. You may also select "All courses" to import all of your courses at once.
  8. Click [Continue]. The download bar will open at the bottom of Chrome with a “.ics” file named after the class downloaded.
  9. Drag the “.ics” file to the your desktop.
  10. From the Cedarville Google Apps webpage, click “Calendar” and log in.
  11. Click the gear-shaped icon in the top right of the browser. A drop-down menu opens.
  12. From the drop-down menu, click “Settings.”
  13. From the options under “Calendar Settings,” click the “Calendars” tab.
  14. Next to [Create new calendar], click “Import calendar.” The Import Calendar window opens.
  15. Click [Choose File].
  16. Select the “.ics” file and click [Open].
  17. From the “Calendar” drop-down menu, select the calendar you want your class schedule to be added to.
  18. Click [Import]. Your class schedule is now imported.
  19. If desired, repeat steps 2 to 18 for any other individual classes. 


After importing your class schedule into a calendar in Google Calendar, you can specify whether you want to view events from that calendar on your main Google Calendar. For more information, please see Google Calendar: View Calendars.

Return to Google Calendar: Import CU Calendar or Class Schedule.

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