Google Mail: Email University Groups

Google Mail: Email University Groups

Google Mail: Email University Groups

Google Mail allows you to email University groups, such as faculty and staff, a specific class (junior, senior), a specific residence hall, a specific department, or a specific major or minor.


All of the following information also applies to emailing groups in Microsoft Outlook 2013 and 2010.

What do I need to know about emailing groups in Google Mail?

When emailing University groups in Google Mail, please be aware of the following information:

  • You have to manually type in the email address for any University group. To see the various University group email addresses, see “Where can I find the email addresses for University groups?” below or go directly to this PDF.
  • You have to type the University group email address in the standard “To:” field of an email.  
  • You cannot expand the University group email address to show the email addresses of everyone in that group. All you can see is the University group email address. However, the email will still be sent to all members of that group. 
  • You will not receive in your inbox emails that you send to University groups you are a member of. This does not mean the email was not sent. If the email was sent successfully, you will get a notification telling you so. You can also check the “Sent Mail” label to see if the email was successful.

Where can I find the email addresses for University groups?

Because the email addresses for University groups do not appear in the Cedarville email directory, information technology has provided a PDF that lists the university group email addresses.

To access the emailing University groups PDF:

  1. Type in your browser's navigation bar.
  2. Skip to step 5 below.
  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Click the [Directory] button. 
  3. From the “Non-Academic” column, click “Information Technology.”
  4. From the left navigation panel, click “Mailing Groups (PDF).” If you are not already logged in to CedarNet, you will be prompted to enter your CedarNet username and password. The PDF listing of mailing groups will display.


The email addresses for University groups in certain categories (residence halls, majors, minors, departments) follow a pattern. Only one sample email address is listed for each category. Later in the PDF after the sample is provided, you will find “codes” for the rest of the email addresses in that category. Replace the sample code with the code that represents the University group you want to send an email to.

For example, suppose mechanical engineering is the sample email address for emailing specific majors. A list of codes for all other majors will be listed later in the PDF. Replace the part of the email address specific to mechanical engineering with the code for the major you want to email.

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