Google Mail: Read Receipts

Google Mail: Read Receipts

Google Mail: Read Receipts

Google provides read receipts for all Cedarville Google Mail accounts (personal gmail accounts not included). When you request a read receipt within your message, Google notifies you via email when each recipent  opens your message. This email tells you the date and time that the recipient opened the message. For more information, see Google's Read Receipts Online Help


Read receipts are not generated for users accessing their University email from a smartphone or from a University email that is forwarded to another email account. In addition, you will not usually receive a read receipt from a non-University email address.

Request a Read Receipt

  1. Log in to your Google Mail account.
  2. Click [Compose] and complete your message as usual, including any recipeint(s) in the "To" and "Cc" fields.
  3. In the resulting pop-up box, click the [More options] drop-down arrow in the lower-right corner > Select "Request read receipt". Google will now send you an email when each recipient (including those listed in the "Cc" field) opens your message.


Use read receipts sparingly. The receipts are sent individually, so if you send one email with a read receipt request to 100 recipients, you will receive an email in your inbox for each recipient who opens the email.

Respond to a Read Receipt Request

If you recieve a message from a contact who has requested a read receipt, Google will prompt you to accept or delay the read receipt.

  1. Open and read the message as usual. 
  2. When finished, close the message. The "Read Reciepts Requested" pop-up should appear. 
  3. Choose one of the following options:
    • Click [Send receipts] to immediently send the read receipt email notification to the sender saying you have opened the email. 
    • Click [Not now] to delay sending the read receipt email notification to the sender saying you have opened the email. The "Read Reciepts Requested" pop-up will appear again the next time you open the email.


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