Google Mail: Send a Mass Email with Mail Merge

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Google Mail: Send a Mass Email with Mail Merge

Mail merges allow you to email multiple recipients and personalize certain components of the email for each recipient. Such personalized components may be their first name, last name, prefix, address, etc. This help page will explain how to perform mail merges from Google Mail. 

To send a mass email with mail merge in Google Mail, you will use the Google Add-on Yet Another Mail Merge.

Install the Add-on

  1. Log in to your Cedarville Google Mail account.
  2. Navigate to the Yet Another Mail Merge Add-on.
  3. In the upper-right corner, click [FREE]. A tab will open with a new Google Sheet.
  4. Click [Continue] in the box that appears.
  5. In the resulting "Request for Permission" dialogue box, scroll down and click [Allow]. 
  6. A dialogue box will appear, giving you the option to import groups if you already have created them. Select the group you want to import, or click [Continue].

Create the Spreadsheet

  1. Row 1 of the Google Sheet will contain column titles for the categories of information you wish to include in the mail merge (i.e., Prefix, First Name, Last Name, Address, etc.). Insert the titles (see image below). Make sure to include an Email Address Column.

  2. Starting in Row 2, fill in the specific information for each individual email address. 

Compose your Email

  1. Navigate back to your Google Mail > Click [Compose].
  2. Enter a subject for your email, but do not enter recipients.
  3. Compose the body of your email, inserting placeholders wherever you want the mail merge to occur
    (Example: Dear << Prefix>> << Last Name >>). The placeholders should exactly correspond with the columns you created, including capitalization.
  4. When you are finished, minimize the message. 

Complete the Mail Merge

  1. Navigate back to the Google Sheet. Under "Add-ons," click "Yet Another Mail Merge" > "Start Mail Merge."
  2. In the resulting dialogue box describing different plans you can purchase, click [Continue].
  3. Click the "Draft" box > Select the email draft you saved (the name will be the subject of the email), or use a predesigned template.
  4. Under "Sender name:," type the sender name you wish to appear in the email.
  5. Select the "Track emails opened" box if you wish to be notified when a recipient opens the email. 


    If you choose to use this feature, your Google Sheet containing the mail merge information will be updated as the emails are received and recipients open the email.

  6. If you wish to send a test email, click [Send a test email]. You can use this feature to double-check for any errors.
  7. If you do not wish to send a test email or make any changes, click [Send Emails]. Your mail merge is finished. 

Need help? If you have any questions about this help page or need further assistance, 
please contact Information Technology at 937-766-7905. 

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