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This computer help page explains how to import a class roster to your GroupWise address book. If you would like to create an e-mail group, after completing the following steps, please follow the instructions on the "GroupWise: Address Books - Create an Email Group from an Existing Address Book" help page.

Retrieve the class roster

  1. Navigate to the Faculty/Staff homepage > Log into CedarInfo.
  2. Navigate to "Curricular Transactions" > Select "Get A Class Roster."
  3. Enter the relevant term and subject information to identify your class.
  4. Select "Files on my H drive" and check the box next to "Comma-separated-values format for email contact lists."
  5. Click [Submit].
  6. Click [Submit].
  7. Write down the file name that is now stored on your H drive (e.g., mis_1500_01.csv).

Import roster into address book

  1. Open GroupWise.
  2. Click [Address Book].
  3. Choose "File" > "New Book..."
  4. Name the book according to the class name and term > Click [OK].
  5. Continue with the instructions directly below that apply to the version of GroupWise installed on your computer.

     GroupWise 8 - Import Details

  1. Exit GroupWise 8 for the settings to apply and then re-open GroupWise.
  2. Click the "Address Book" icon.
  3. Click to select your newly created address book.
  4. Choose "File" > "Import..."
  5. Navigate to where the address book file (.nab extension) is stored.
  6. Click once to highlight the .csv file > Click [Open].
  7. Select your new class address book from the list > Click [OK] > Click [OK] again.
  8. The class address book will fill with your student's email addresses.
  9. Click the check box to "Close this window when import completes" or wait and click [Close] once all the address are imported.

You may also find lists of advisees at J:/[dept]/mailgrps.

To learn more about using and maintaining address books, see the GroupWise Address Books Computer Help Page.

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