GroupWise: Address Books - Create an Email Group from an Existing Address Book

Add members to address books and groups

Easily add members to address books and groups simply by dragging and dropping their names from one address book/group to another. Delete members by right-clicking on them and choosing "Delete."  

Send an email to all of the people in an address book

  1. Click [New Mail] > [Address].
  2. Under "Look in," navigate to the desired address book.
  3. Click to highlight the names you would like in the group.
    Either: 1) Hold down the [Shift] key > Click to highlight several names in a row. 
    Or: 2) Hold down the [Ctrl] key > Click to select names that are not in a row.
  4. Click [To] from the top menu > Click [Save Group].
  5. Select the address book in which you would like to save the group.
  6. Enter a name for the new group > Click [Save] > [Close] > [OK].
  7. The email will incorporate all of the names into the "To:" field.

Send an email to all of the people in a group

  1. If you know the name of the group, simply type the name in the "To:" field. 
  2. Click [Address] if you do not remember the name of the group.
  3. In the "Look in:" box, navigate to the address book in which you saved the group. 
  4. Double-click the group > Click [OK]. 

Use Blind Copy

When you send an email to every person in an address book, the name of each member will appear in the "To:" field. This will be a problem if you do not wish to reveal the recipients' identities to each other. Also, if recipients print the email, a long list of addresses will waste a lot of ink.

Solve this problem by entering the addresses in the "BC:" (blind copy) field instead of the "To:" field, or by saving the address book as a group and sending the email to the group. 

When you send an email to all the members of a group, the recipients will see only the name of the group and not each other's names in the "To:" field.

You may also want to convert class rosters to email address books.

To learn more about using and maintaining address books, see the GroupWise Address Books Computer Help Page.

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