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Email is automatically purged from your GroupWise mailbox every 540 days (18 months).  The only way to avoid this purge is to move the email to your GroupWise archives or save your old email messages.

GroupWise gives you the ability to easily move messages from your GroupWise mailbox into an archive that is stored in another location. Archiving is not available with the web-access version of GroupWise. 

Archiving an Email Message:

The following instructions assume you are using the GroupWise client (you may download and install the GroupWise client on your home computer or SPC and then proceed).

  1. Open GroupWise.   
  2. Select the email[s] you wish to archive.  You may archive any emails in your inbox or your cabinet.
  3. Hold down the [Shift] key or the [Ctrl] key to select multiple emails.
  4. Right-click on the email[s] > Select "Archive."

The message will disappear from your GroupWise mailbox and move to your GroupWise archives.

If the message you selected was contained in a folder in your folder list or Cabinet, an identical folder will automatically be created in your GroupWise archive to house the archived message.

Your items will be stored in two separate places: in your normal GroupWise inbox and in your GroupWise archive. To "un-archive" an email message (send it back to your normal email inbox), or to navigate between your Groupwise archive and your normal GroupWise inbox, please refer to the GroupWise: Access Archived Email help page.

Benefits of Archiving Email Messages

  • Provides more space on the GroupWise mail servers.
  • Causes your inbox as well as emails to load faster.
  • Saves messages from deletion by the automatic network expire process that the university performs regularly. 

Drawbacks of Archiving Email Messages

  1. If you exceed your storage quota while you are archiving, you may start to lose email messages. GroupWise may stop writing the archive file and your mailbox will be corrupted.
  2. Archived files are encrypted. Your archived messages will be permanently unreadable if your network account is ever deleted and recreated.
  3. If you archive messages to your H: drive, you will be using up part of your network disk space quota.
  4. If you move your archive onto the C: drive, please set the path to C:\docs\ .


    You are responsible to back up the archive if you change the storage location to your C: drive. Some computer maintenance requires erasing the C: drive.

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