GroupWise: Print Multiple Email Attachments

GroupWise makes it possible to print multiple attachments from multiple emails in a single print job.

  1. Hold down the [Ctrl] key > Click to select the emails with documents you wish to print.
  2. Right-click the sender's name of the highlighted emails > Choose "Print...."
  3. A "Print" dialog box will open.
  4. In the "Items to Print" list, use the [Ctrl] key to select which emails and attachments you wish to print. 


    You will probably not want to print anything labeled "Attachment: TEXT" or "Attachment: Mime."

  5. Check the box for "Print attachment with associated application" in the bottom left of the window.
  6. Click [Print]. 
  7. If the documents are PDF files, Adobe Acrobat will open and the printing will start automatically from within Adobe, which means that the attachments will be printed full page. 

You may also want to Print Attachments Using the Associated Application.

Keywords:  Adobe Acrobat Professional, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Word

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