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The Proxy feature of GroupWise allows GroupWise users to access another email account from within their own mailbox. No one can proxy into another person's email account, however, unless they are given explicit rights to do so.

Setting up these proxy rights takes two steps. Both steps are done within a different GroupWise account: one is done within the account of the person granting access, and the other is done within the account of the person receiving access.

Step One - Grant Access


It is not possible to grant proxy access through GroupWise WebAccess. You must use the GroupWise email client program.

How to grant access to someone (Flash video)

  1. Open GroupWise.
  2. Go to "Tools" > "Options."
  3. Double-click [Security] > Click the "Proxy Access" tab.
  4. To add someone to your Access list -- that is, to give them access to your mailbox -- type their name in the “Name:” box. (Depending on your settings, you may need to enter last name first.)
  5. Click [Add User].


    Select the user's name in the “Access list” box. Do NOT select any access rights before selecting the user’s name. If you do not select the name first, you will accidentally assign rights to "All User Access," thereby giving the entire campus access to your mailbox.

  6. After selecting the user's name, check the boxes for the appropriate access rights.
    • Activating “Read” rights to your Mail/phone allows the person to read your mail and phone messages.
    • Activating “Write” rights allows the person to send mail and phone messages as you.
    • Note: You must check the access rights boxes to enable the proxy access. Simply adding a user’s name to the Access list does not grant them access to your account.
  7. Click [OK] when you are through adding users and granting them access.

The person to whom you granted proxy access must accept proxy access - see below.


Step Two - Accessing an Account Using Proxy Access

After someone grants you proxy access to their account, you must accept proxy access.

How to access another account (Flash video).

  1. Click the [Online] icon that appears above the folder list > Select “Proxy…” (Or go to "File" > "Proxy...").
  2. Type the name of the person whose account you wish to access (last name, first name) in the “Name” dialog box .
  3. Click [OK].

To return to your own mailbox, click the [Proxy] icon again and select your own name from the list.

Other Things to Check

Double-checking the "All User Access" Rights

To remove "All User Access" rights:

  1. Go to the "Tools" menu > Select "Options."
  2. Double click [Security] > Select the "Proxy Access" tab.
  3. Select the "All User Access" entry in the "Access list."
  4. Uncheck any boxes that are checked in the Access Rights list. 
  5. Click [OK] to save your changes.

Removing Proxy Access

To remove a person's proxy access to your account, you must remove that individual's name from your Access list. Having that person remove your name from the proxy icon drop-down list will not remove their capability to access your account.

To delete a name from your access list:

  1. Go to "Tools" > "Options."
  2. Double-click [Security] > Click the "Proxy Access" tab.
  3. Click to highlight the appropriate name in the list.
  4. Click [Remove User] >click [OK].


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