GroupWise: Review Email Scheduled for Deletion

GroupWise items are automatically purged from your mailbox when they are over 18 months old (unless you archive them).

If you would like to review the items before they are purged, you can set up a folder to gather the items for your review.

Create a 'Find Results' folder in GroupWise 8:

  1. Go  to "File" > "New" > "Folder...."
  2. Select the radio button "Find results folder" > "Custom find results folder" > Click [Next].
  3. If desired, rename the folder and change its location in the folder list > Click [Next].
  4. Follow the instructions below to finish the process.

Create the Rule in GroupWise 8

  1. Don't select any "Item Types": leave every check box blank.
  2. Click [Advanced Find...].
  3. Choose "Due/End Date" from the first drop-down list. 
  4. If "Due/End Date" does not initially appear in the list of choices, select "All Fields..." > Locate "Due/End Date" in the second column of choices > Click [OK].
  5. Choose "<= On or before" from the second drop-down box.
  6. In the next field, enter -510 if you want the items that are 1 month from expiring, or -530 if you want to view those that are 10 days from expiring. 
  7. Click [OK] > [Next] >[Finish].

Each time the folder is opened, it will update with new items. From this folder, you can either delete the item, archive the item, or forward it to yourself to give it a "fresh" date and keep it in your email account for another year.

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