GroupWise: Set Email to Send a Receipt or Notification

How can I do this in...Google, Outlook

In Groupwise, you can set your email to send a receipt when someone opens or deletes your email. You can set it for either a mail receipt, a notification, or both.

  1. While creating a new email, open the "Send Options" tab > Select "Status Tracking."
  2. Under the "Return notification" section, click the drop-down menu you would like, either "When opened" or "When deleted."
  3. Select "Mail Receipt" to receive an email receipt, select "Notify" to receive an on-screen notification (must be running Notify program), or select "Notify and Mail" for both.
  4. Finish your email and click [Send].


If your recipients forward their email to another account, you will not receive either a mail receipt or notifcation. Also, if your recipients use a mobile device, you may not receive a receipt or notification.

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