GroupWise: Temporarily Remove Email Group Members

There are times when you may want to temporarily remove a group member from the recipient list when sending a group email (like reminding everyone else in your department to wish that person "Happy Birthday").

Start a new email

  1. Open GroupWise on-campus.
  2. Start a new email message ("File" > "New" > "Mail").
  3. Click [Address] within your open email window (do not confuse this with [Address Book] located on the top toolbar).
  4. Select the correct address book from the "Look in:" drop-down list.

Select recipients

  1. Type the group name in the "Look for:" box.
  2. Right-click on the group name > Choose "Expand Group"
  3. Select the name(s) you wish to temporarily omit for this email > Click [X Remove].
  4. Do not choose [Save Group].
  5. Click [OK].
  6. Complete the email and click [Send].

The person you temporarily "removed" will not receive the mailing you sent to the group this time ... but will remain in the group for future mailings.

To permanently remove a group member, refer to the related help page Edit GroupWise Group Members.

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